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Q:Ningxiang grey soup hot spring spa is the hotel room can bubble hot spring?Parking fee?
Answer:HuiShang Town there four large hot spring hotel rooms and spa center is separate charges。Mean you made a reservation ash soup hotel rooms,If you still want to go to the gray soup hot spring hotel spa to bubble hot spring,Also have to buy tickets for the spa。Hotel room is also the spring bath inside。In addition:Hot spring hotel in the parking lot is free parking(Contains the night)。
Q:Ningxiang grey soup where to eat well?Organic expensive?
Answer:You HuiShang Town for dinner,Gold sun food all of our fruits of modern farm,Oil and meat produced in their own raising pigs,Are all firewood rice。Of course you to several other hotel food is also very good。Additional HuiShang Town delicious native dishes,Genuine farm-style,The price is also very affordable,Generated by ordinary food and 30 yuan per person,If you want to eat snakes taste,Ningxiang pig、Grey soup gong, ducks and other special price is expensive。Organic and native country、Eggs and so on purchase,If you need it,You can contact us。
Q:From changsha west railway station bus directly to the ningxiang grey soup?Where is the car?How much the fare?
Answer:Is there a bus directly from changsha to ningxiang grey soup。In the bus station by car,At present(2013Years12Month)Ticket prices22Yuan。A trip to about 34 minutes。Now run the line of the car is more。Time takes about one and a half to two hours,And so on2014Older shao Lou completed highway construction is fast,Thirty or forty minutes。
Q:Purple longwan open hot spring water paradise on winter?
Answer:Because the purple dragon bay park requires a lot of water on the spring,Using tap water is not hot spring water,So purple dragon bay hot spring water paradise on the winter is not open。
Q:Ash hot springs which good soup?
Answer:Already open four hot spring hotel:Gold sun modern leisure farm、Purple dragon bay hot spring international hotel、Hunan electric ash soup hot spring hill(The original electric sanatorium)、Hua tian city hot springs。Four sources of hot spring hotel is the same,From the HuiShang Town collection。The difference lies in their entertainment facilities。Ash hot springs which good soup?Could not be used one sentence summary,Can only say that each has its own characteristics,It is recommended that you take a look at our website more details of each hotel。
Q:Ningxiang grey soup in addition to the bubble hot spring what free entertainment programs?
Answer:Soup you in addition to the spa to ashes,Can the following free rides:More than two thousand acres of violet lake for a walk to go fishing、Grey soup experience mountain bike theme park、Grey Shang Dong 'mountain free tourist attractions, etc。They're all HuiShang Town。Another 30 kilometers from the grey soup with chairman of shaoshan's former residence、Ningxiang HuaMingLou liu shaoqi's former residence。
Q:How much money in ningxiang HuiShang Town live a night?
Answer:Look where you want to live,Can accept what price。In several hot springs hotel for one night need to thousands of more than two hundred yuan。The peak season accommodation need to book in advance。On the HuiShang Town hotel for one night more than one hundred to two hundred。HuiShang Town on hotel environment is good,With air conditioning、The independent toilet、The TV,Have a bucket bath,Through to the spring。
Q:Ningxiang ash soup hot spring ticket how much money?
Answer:Hunan changsha grey soup hot spring ticket each hotel spa is not the same,And the same hotel peak season and low season tickets is not the same。Deadline2014Years1.30On several large HuiShang Town spa price peak season at the front desk:Gold sun hot springs168Yuan、Hunan electric hot springs198Yuan、Purple dragon bay hot spring288Yuan、Hua tian city hot springs268Yuan。By grey soup hot spring spa tickets booking portal offers many,Please feel free to contact us。
Q:How about gray soup hot spring portal?
Answer:Our website propaganda is the main idea of ningxiang ash soup hot spring,Create spa brand,At the same time agent gray soup hot spring tickets and rooms of the hotel、The meeting、Food and beverage, etc,Price concessions。Welcome by booking portal counseling。
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Changsha grey soup hot spring international tourist resort:
One of the three major hot springs,Gold sun spa inverse drift、Purple dragon bay hot spring water paradise、Hunan electric hot springs、Hua tian city hot springs,Scenic spots for free:Grey Shang Dong 'mountain、Peach blossom valley、Purple dragon lake、Bike theme park。Long shao Lou high speed2014At the end of the year。

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